Cellar Sauna

A place of peace and relaxation

A traditional sauna experience with a modern twist

The traditional Cellar Sauna of Perttula is ready for visitors! Our sauna facilities have recently been remodeled with respect to traditions, while also adding some modern conveniences, such as a relaxing jacuzzi. Our old-world wood-heated sauna stove guarantees a gentle steam bath and the crepuscular atmosphere of the sauna relaxes even the most stressed-out mind. You can also go take a dip in our outdoor warm water pool, listen to the silence of the surrounding nature and gaze at the darkening, star-spangled sky.

Vitality and health from sauna

Sauna is good for your body and mind

It has been scientifically proven that sauna:

– is good for the heart

– improves the quality of sleep

– enhances bloodstream

– relaxes the mind and muscles


Come to the Perttula Cellar Sauna for a jolly evening with your friends or colleagues. In case you are in Perttula for some other event, the sauna is a great addition to the schedule and a relaxing finale for the day. Besides, in Perttula, steam bathers need not go hungry – ask for our sauna menus!

A gentle steam bath for 5 – 15 people

Cellar Sauna

  • Brief instructions to the use of the sauna and an introduction of the Perttula farm (5 min)
  • Flavored spring water for the steam bath
  • A chance to cool off outside the sauna (in the right weather, even in snow)
  • In fall and winter evenings, seeing the stars
  • Balmuir linen sauna textiles: towels and bathrobes
  • NB: When using the outdoor pool, visitors must bring their own swimsuits or trunks.

Come to enjoy and treat your friends, co-workers or clients to a relaxing experience!


Cellar Sauna experience, starting price 299€ for 2h in the sauna; extra hours 99€ each.
Warm water pool 100€/extra.
Perttula evening snacks 15€/person
The vat is included in the prices.

Intimate and cosy


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