An old-world inn atmosphere, rustic aesthetics and beautiful pastoral milieu.

Perttula Farm is a casual and rustic old farm with long traditions and a colorful history in Leppävesi, Laukaa. Nowadays, the farm is run by an energetic sister-trio, Riitta, Raisa and Riina, and it is known for organizing unique, high-quality events. At the core of action in Perttula is the notion of Green Care. The location of the farm is only 15-minute-drive away from the city of Jyväskylä.

Combining the best experiences, know-how and ideas, we organize unique events with a personal Perttula twist. Big or small – we never compromise the quality of our events.


For the season

At this time of the year, we highly recommend you try the following, carefully planned services.

Perttula Cellar Sauna

Our rustic Cellar Sauna provides a gentle steam bath for 5 – 15 people at a time.

A sauna experience with enjoyment for all your five senses. Come and experience the Cellar Sauna in an authentic milieu. Our sauna is best suited for small groups of 5 – 15 people, but can also accommodate a larger group, if needed. Come to enjoy and treat you friends, co-workers or clients to some rustic luxury.

Empowering nature trails at Perttula

An experiential adventure for 3-30 people

In the Perttula Organic woods, you can find our Paths of Feelings and Senses, admire, listen to and even taste a Finnish forest. With clothing that is suited to the weather, a walk in the woods is a “light activity”. After the outdoor recreation, you will get to enjoy a meal prepared in our country kitchen either in the atmospheric parlor of the main building or in the garden by our apple trees.


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